Hiya, I’m Snowy!

And this is my official first blog post!

Believe it or not, I am thirteen years old and I love to go on adventures. A lot of times, people see me in public posing for the perfect Instagram photo or in my cute outfits to match my girl and wonder aloud (yes, I have ears) “What’s ‘the deal’? Why is a teddy bear here? Posing for photos?” What, on that same note, does a teddy bear do on the Internet with an Instagram account? Tee hee. I thought that now having reached 8,000 followers, I would take some of my most frequently asked questions and allow some new friends to know me a bit better.

  • AGE: 13 My BEARthday is December 22, 2003, though I’m often told I look young for my age.
  • SPECIES: Snow Bear. Often confused with a polar bear. Polar bears like much cooler climates and have black noses,  we snow bears have pink, sometimes blue noses. To be a bit more specific, I’m a teddy bear and I stand at just over a foot tall.
  • BEARY BEST PAL: Brooke, of whom I often call “Brookie”. I always have. She was 7 when we first met and we’ve been inseparable ever since. But more on that story later!
  • COLOR: RAINBOW! Or pink, like my nose.
  • FAVORITE FOOD: Vanilla cupcakes with extra sprinkles. They’re my weakness. I don’t have to keep in shape, really which helps. Being a teddy bear and all. I like being stuffed. I often get the frosting on my nose, and I even smell like cupcakes!  No matter if it’s at Disneyland, a candy shop, or a sit-down table service restaurant with my pals, I have a serious sweet tooth!
  • FAVORITE DRINK: Pink Lemonade. Like I said, sweet tooth! The cotton candy lemonade at Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure is the best! I also love Adventureland’s new Jungle Julep, which is a purpley/orangey slushie.
  • FAVORITE PLACE: Anywhere I can create adventure. Sometimes, it’s in the car traveling on long road trips. Sometimes it’s in an airport waiting to board a red-eye flight (that means the plane takes off really late at night). Those are the times I keep Brookie the most company, and the times I get to make my own fun by pretending. I’m first and foremost a friend that will always be there… and always fit in your carry-on. Mostly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disneyland. It’s someplace where everyone can be a kid, not to mention bears are very common there. I mean Winnie The Pooh, Bre’er Bear, The Country Bears, and who could forget Mickey’s teddy, Duffy? No one questions me as much as they embrace me and I practically live there.
  • FAVORITE DISNEY CHARACTER: Cinderella Of course I love Minnie Mouse like Brookie, but I am an absolute sucker for the Disney Classics, especially the princesses.
  • FAVORITE DISNEY RIDE: Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Like I said, Classic Disney Princess. Sometimes I like dressing up as her and calling myself “Snowy White”. Plus, I like being brave. It’s funny to see Brookie freak out and cover her eyes when the Evil Queen turns into the Old Hag and pops out so close to the ride vehicle, but I always keep her safe. It’s kind of my job.
  • FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP: Build-A-Bear Workshop. It has so many clothes in my size for when Brookie doesn’t use fabric scraps to sew new bear-sized outfits for me. Plus, I was built in one of their stores! It only makes sense to go back there, and I am very sad the one in Downtown Disney is closing soon!
  • LIKES: Friends, warm weather, adventure, new clothes, Disney and all things Disney Parks, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Instagram, sugar, bear puns
  • DISLIKES: Being hidden. I suffer from mild claustrophobia and I don’t like being shoved into clustered backpacks or lockers. I’m okay with being left alone and having time to myself, but it’s the worst to have your friends pretend like you don’t exist just so they can look cool. I might be stuffed, but I still have feelings and like to be included in the celebrating.

I think that just about covers the basics! To my  amazing friends who follow me on Instagram (yes, ALL 8,000 of you, now), thank you SO MUCH for joining on this crazy new adventure! To all of my new followers and blog readers, WELCOME! I can’t wait to share a whole new side to my stories with everyone, and hopefully get to know all of you a bit better. I will be handing out buttons and FREE custom Snowy doughnuts courtesy of @FantasticDoughnuts *while supplies last* near Disneyland soon. Tell me which day works best for you! Did I leave out any questions you’ve been curious about? I would love to answer them if you leave a comment below. Be sure to check out my Instagram account in the meantime and come visit for new blog posts!





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