Meet My Pal

I will never forgive Andy for giving Woody away at the end of Toy Story 3. Ever. I guess I can understand everyone else being given to Bonnie, even Buzz, but after all those two had been through over the years, it seemed like betrayal to just let him go. And maybe that’s because I’m so close to my girl.

The biggest question I receive is “Who is behind the camera?” As much as I love a good #Snowfie, you’ve probably noticed I don’t take my own photos. A lot of stuffed animals like to keep their persons’ identity a secret online, but there’s nothing secret about the two of us! Brookie is my bestest pal. Some people call her my “mom”, but that sounds weird. We’re too close in age for that. In fact, we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember! She stuffed me in a Build-a-Bear Workshop when she was 7 years old. Since then, we have been inseparable. I have gone with her to birthday parties, family vacations, you name it! I’ve always been her travel buddy. Even when she was onstage in countless dance recitals, plays and such, I was cheering her on from the dressing room.

The funny thing about being a toy, much like Woody, is that people grow up. It’s interesting to watch, too. You move from house to house (4 times, in 3 different states), lotsa friends come and go, and suddenly your girl looks different. A good kind of different, I mean. Having two front teeth works wonders. Snow bears may get a little dirty from going on so many adventures, but we stay the same. And that’s the cool part. Now that she’s all grown up, I have the opportunity to travel to so many different places… sometimes even in matching outfits she sews all by herself! She can drive her own car and I get to be co-pilot. When we fly on planes, I get to sit on the tray table and look out the window. I’ve been all across the country and done a lot of cool things, some of which I’ll get to blog about later. Right now, I get to live in Disneyland as she works for Mr. Mickey Mouse as an entertainer… I guess that means that you could call me a Cast memBEAR! I get a lot of people asking if I could go visit them by myself in different parts of the world. I would love to, but I think I would miss Brookie a little too much.

I am so proud of my girl. I say that a lot, but it’s true. It’s important to know that you are never too old for the things that make you happy, and those things can often make you even stronger. We both help each other with that. Some people might think our friendship is odd, but that’s okay. All of our friends do a great job of remembering to include me. Even pulling up high chairs for me at restaurants (shout-out to Hector)! It’s so cool that now we get to share those experiences with everyone, thanks to the Internet. Honestly, I didn’t think I could have ever imagined all of the cool things that I’ve gotten to do. So, I may never forgive Andy for what he did to his best friend, but here’s to hoping that Bonnie knows better.

So Who’s your beary best pal? Comment below and tell me!


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