Cybernaut Bear

Here it is! The How-I-Got-Instafamous story. What a funny word, too. It’s hard to judge how many followers earns you such a title, and I certainly don’t feel famous yet. Though people might call me “Insta[gram] famous”, I’m just a little snow bear who likes to go online. It’s easy to see why people love The Internet; With just a computer or smartphone, in my paws, I now hold the power to share all of the adventures I go on with everyone! It doesn’t matter if I’m on the other side of the country or right at home. You get to be there, too. Of course, I didn’t always have the social media following that I do today.

In the early 2000s, no one in my family really took a bunch of pictures. Not because we didn’t want to, most people just didn’t carry a camera everywhere. In fact, I can distinctly remember the first photo taken of me: It was 2004 in a Chuck E. Cheese photo booth. Little Brookie had bangs and I wore a purple t-shirt. I still went everywhere and did a ton of cool things, but that was special to only the two of us, and maybe a few close friends and family. During Brookie’s high school years, I had been trying to join the community of Internet connoisseurs for quite some time. However, I could never find a platform that worked for me, personally.

One night, running through Disneyland with our friend, Courtney (@officialcourtneyanne), a Small World Cast Member pointed to me and asked “Does she have an Instagram account? I’ll follow her!” to which I replied, “I don’t… But I do, NOW!” I wish I could recall who that person was to thank them, but as you might know, the rest is history! I created the account during the Great Stuffed-Animals-At-Disneyland Craze. Turns out, these pocket-sized stuffed animals @LotsoAtDisneyland and @TsumTsumMarie were super popular with Disney Parks fans, both picking up tens of thousands of followers almost by the day. Suddenly, it was as if everyone had a travel buddy, and every one of those toys had a separate Instagram account documenting their Disney days. Not to mention Even though I didn’t live near Disneyland at the time, I was lucky enough to gain several thousand followers. Many of them were toys, some kids and families, overall the vast majority were Disney Fanatics. As time went on, I saw almost all of the traveling toys disappear, from both the parks and online. Nowadays, only a handful of us are running amok, and as friends we do try to keep in contact. No need to worry, though. Even without a plethora of travel buddies around, one is never alone in Disney!

It has now been over three years and I am amazed at the doors my Instagram account has opened for me. The new friends I have made (including a certain “Squid Squad” and “Ohana”), the lessons in modeling and photography, just being able to look at travel through a different perspective is amazing. It still takes me by surprise when I have strangers approach me and start fangirling, “It’s Snowy Snowbear!” Aside from Winnie The Pooh and Paddington, I don’t think many teddy bears can say that, and I am truly honored. Using social media to spread smiles to people all across the world is the best, especially when you have so many more adventures to come! Thank you for everything, guys!

How do you use social media? Make sure to leave your Instagram handle in the comments for me to see!




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