My Beauty Routine

It’s no secret that my fur is snowy white, I mean, it’s practically in my name! However, it is certainly not easy to maintain such a light color. And after 13 years of being tossed up at cheer camp, splashing in rain puddles, crawling through treehouses and walking all throughout the Disneyland Resort®, these adventures can take a real toll on me. So it comes to most as a surprise that I manage to stay looking so young. And it’s not just Instagram filters, either. A lot of you have been asking about my biggest and best beauty secrets, so here it is: My step-by-step guide to teddy bear care.

Firstly, it helps that I was built super strong. Build-A-Bear Workshop® created some well-stitched, made-to-last bears back in the day, and it really helped when I was taking some heavy hits. You’ll find that they are truly the experts in bear care and maintenance. However, these tips work for any stuffed animal in need of some T.L.C.



It is a little-known fact that Build-A-Bear provides FREE stuffing services to any furry friend from their store. I tend to visit the one in DownTown Disney every 6 months or even whenever I’m looking a little too dirty. One of their Bearmakers will take out their small scissors and open up the seam in my back. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt me a bit! Then, they remove all of my old stuffing, while making sure my heart is still safe and sound! I tend to feel a bit light-headed at that point! If you’re not originally from their workshop, the same procedure can be done at home.



From there, Brookie drives me home to be washed. I can be hand-washed, but swimming all around in a washing machine whirlpool is so much fun! I hop into a white pillowcase with a whole load of white clothes to be gently washed. So many mismatching socks! I get sooooo dizzy going around and around! I usually don’t bleach my fur, just looks so unnatural. And of course I have to dry out! The dryer can sometimes clump synthetic fur together, so I like just sun bathing dry.



Of course, in the same way most people don’t look selfie-ready as soon as they step out of the shower, I’m usually not, either. After being washed and dried, I brush and smooth out my fur. I tend to have a lot of knots! Be careful to your toys if you do this though, unlike people hair, my fur can’t grow back!



After all of my washing and combing have been taken care of, my spa day starts to wrap up. I return to Build-A-Bear Workshop® in DownTown Disney for my re-stuffing which is also free for their furry friends! To my non-Workshop bears, you can do this by getting stuffing from a local craft store. A Bearmaker will hook me up to the machine and Brookie gets to step on the pedal. I quickly fill up with stuff-n-fluff, which makes me feel a lot like Winnie The Pooh! My heart is put back in (heart renewal ceremony optional), I’m given a new vanilla cupcake scent in my tummy, and sewn back up. Afterwards I usually fluff up at their air bath station and pick out a brand new outfit to wear on a brand new adventure.


And that’s all there is to it! In-between washes I like to use Build-A-Bear’s “Bear Stuff Cleaner” that they sell in stores to give a little extra glow, and perhaps an extra brushing or two. But all of the hassle really pays off when I see the years of wear-and-tear virtually melt away. It makes me feel super young and confident in any outfit, too! So in any adventure I’m always ready to take my best #Snowfie! But don’t just take my advice, try it for yourself… and tell ’em Snowy sent you!





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