Party Like It’s 1989

If you’ve known me for long enough, it wouldn’t take too long to realize that I absolutely LOVE parties. Specifically, themed parties. After 13 years of co-creating and attending all sorts of kid-friendly parties, from pirates to red carpet premiere to mad scientist, I’ve seen them all. So I really do appreciate the “Imagineering” that goes into a well thought-out party. One family who consistently seems to outdo themselves are some of my beary best pals. @YoungJaneAndLittleMeg_In_Dland on Instagram are both known for their impeccable taste in Disney characters and showstopping costumes their mom sews, but most importantly this family is all about having fun. Last weekend I was invited to Young Jane’s 8th Birthday Party: Guardians Of The Galaxy. And of course, I had to tell everyone about it!

First, I got to their local park an hour early to help set everything up. It should be noted that throwing an amazing party does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. So many elements from the venue, the tent, the backdrop, the silk material tablecloths, the hanging paper planets and various planet props had all been used at previous birthday parties. Most people would never think to re-purpose hanging teal gems and scarves from a Jasmine party or tiki masks and wooden chests from an Adventureland party (they’re from The Collector’s Fortress, duh!), but with a creative mindset, anything can fit nicely! Throw in a teenage Groot cutout, some boomboxes and casette tape streamers, and BOOM! Marvel-fied party. Delicious deep-dish pastas and salads were delivered fresh so there would be plenty of no-hassle eating. Even space themed snacks such as rock candy were provided, of which every kid naturally wanted the color that would turn their mouth dark blue. As for my “outfit of the day”, I was told that Rocket Raccoon doesn’t really like being around a lot of tiny humans, so he had to RSVP as a “no”. Luckily, stepped in and dressed as Rocket for the day. Brookie wore a really cute Gamora DisneyBound, while Mom, Dad, Auntie, and Little Meg all wore Guardians t-shirts. We always dress for the occasion!

Once guests started to arrive, the party really kicked into gear! Invitations previously sent out to Young Jane’s classmates and dance friends were all put in the sleeves of G-rated Marvel comic books, so every Terran had come with the right spirit, even if some parents thought their kids were a little too young to watch the movie. She had even transmitted invites to Peter Qui… I mean StarLord and Gamora. Of course, everyone knows Star Lord can’t resist a party, so they both actually CAME! They started had an awesome dance-off, where we showed off the best moves in the galaxy! The birthday girl was more than obliged to provide everyone with a sample of her dance background. We even played a game where we had to freeze any time someone said “Drax is looking!”, because Drax thinks dancing is silly. StarLord surprised us all when he brought out an Infinity Stone and carefully taught us how to hold it, together… but only for a second or two. Star Lord loves to play games Terran games, so there was a lot of running and chasing involved. Finally, after a lot of setup, it was time to break the huge disco ball pinata! Gamora hates dancing and generally being like Kevin Bacon, so she took a huge metal rod and broke it in a firey explosion of glitter and Rubik’s cubes, casually walking through the aftermath of excitedly screaming children. She’s still reluctant to admit to how much she smiled.

Certainly the highlight of any birthday party is the cake, and this one was no exception. @jmbcakes creates edible art to top off all of Young Jane and Little Meg’s events. This two-layer half-strawberry, half-banana one had galactic swirls encompassed by gold trim and the Guardians of the Galaxy logo with rock candies on top. To us, the cake looked delicious. To Gamora, it appeared to be very suspicious. So she took a stab into it and sliced the cake into equal pieces to make sure Rocket had not laced a bomb inside. He hadn’t. Guests were sent off with “thermal scans” (photos) of themselves with both Guardians and the teen Groot cutout against the backdrop, not to mention a whole bunch of “retro” toys and goodies! Star Lord gave Young Jane a copy of his Awesome Mix and a badge making her an honorary Guardian. Both he and Gamora left soon after to return to their space ship, The Milano. In that moment, all of that hard work paid off. Thus ended another successful party and another happy party girl… and party bear, Trash Panda thing.

So, what has been the best party YOU’VE attended? What’s been the best party you’ve planned? Tell me all about it in the comments below, and make sure to check out my Instagram page to see all of the photos and videos from this adventure!

*Entertainment provided by Smile And A Song Princess Parties




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