Club 33

Disney History is one of my most favorite topics. I especially love exploring Walt’s original park and learning from friends about little details that make it so special. If you travel past the waterfront of New Orleans Square, through the tight corridors of the shops, you might find a blue door. This is the door into Club 33. Maybe you’ve heard of it online or on TV shows, before. This is a very special lounge, more recently renovated and expanded, that Mr. Walt Disney would take his personal guests into to rest from the hustle and bustle of park life. A few days ago, this little bear was also lucky enough to check it out.

The last time I was invited up into the club, *someone* (of who shall remain nameless but her name rhymes with “cookie”…) left me in the car. She claims it was an “accident” and brought me back a pin. I was so pleased to be invited back recently… and actually went this time! That afternoon, I dressed up just like Holly Golightly in my black shimmery dress, pearls, silver heels, and tiara that was just my size. I had to reach up reeeeally high to ring the doorbell. I was greeted by very kind hosts and hostesses who showed me to The Court of Angels. It’s a very pretty and serene courtyard to gather in. A small fountain and soft jazz music turns the outside busyness of New Orleans Square into a soft murmur. The next logical step is to ascend the blue winding staircase into the club, however for a bear with very short legs this is a difficult task, and a lot of steps. But once at the top, you can look down into the square and enjoy the lounge.

From start to finish, everyone there was so warm and accommodating. I wasn’t even the only teddy bear brought up there, either! I first spotted an old vulture sitting on top of a grandfather clock, who told me in the most elegant voice that “[he] hopes that [I] have a lovely time”. That’s right, a talking vulture. You’ll start to notice that magical little things were hidden everywhere. Walt always boasted having a trick or two up his sleeve. Then, our waiters, Chase and Allie were the sweetest pair you could ask for! Both went out of their way to join in on the fun and make sure we were having a good time. And although the living staff was fantastic, so were those who… weren’t living: the lounge musicians are ghosts. We weren’t that far from The Haunted Mansion, you know! The ghosts inhabit paintings, but occasionally disappear, only to appear in the room seconds later to pick up and play their instruments. I loved watching the clarinetist and bugle player by the bar. And the pianist played the entire night. It was my favorite trick! Of course, we ate delicious Mac-n-cheese, Shirley Temples, and chocolate-y dessert, but the highlight of the night was when our waiter, Chase, got down on one knee and proposed to me with a REAL diamond ring! I was so flattered and would have said yes, but I think his real fiance (Allie), wouldn’t have appreciated it as much. Everyone thought it was hilarious!

In all, it was a wonderful evening. Walt created Club 33 as a way to relax after a day in Disneyland, and he did just that. Getting to discuss Disneyland history… and apparently Yoda and seagulls… with both old and new friends is the best thing ever, and wearing a fancy dress while I do that never hurts. I am very honored to have had the privilege of checking out such an exclusive club, and hope to visit, again. So, where in Disneyland have YOU always wanted to explore? Tell me in the comments!





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