Get The Picture?

If you look at my most recent Instagram posts, it might seem to some like I’ve always been a (bear) model, naturally having the instinct to capture every wonderful moment life has to offer and looking fabulously fluffy in the process. Thank you to those who have complimented my photos and believe that. Scroll down into the very depths of my feed and you’ll notice this is not quite the case. I have now been a part of Instagram for about 3 years and I have learned so much about what it takes to have good photography. Believe it or not, most of it came from years of trial and error. That means years of admiring other accounts and wondering “How can I get my photos to look more like theirs?” Well fear not! If you have ever had these questions, I am here to help your account sparkle! If, for whatever reason, you already are a professional, award-winning photographer with magazine cover-quality photos, then this will in no way apply to you. I would, however, love to hear how you manage to do it because, I, myself only have two paws and am still trying!

1.) Firstly, you need to know that you DO NOT need fancy-shmancy equipment to take great photos. I mean, if you have some by all means use it! Clearer, high-quality photos rock. But I take all of mine on an iPhone 7. As long as the lens is clean (because blurry smudges don’t make for good pictures), you are good to go! My two paws aren’t great for things past taking a #snowfie, so I entrust Brookie to take my photos.

2.) You won’t get the perfect shot on the first try. Nine times out of ten, I will take anywhere from 5-15 of myself in the same spot. Ask yourself, “what does my eye naturally want to look at?” Afterwards, I’ll go back through my camera roll and decide which photo looks just right!

3.) Filters are your friends! I love getting the perfect shot, but sometimes the color gets lost through the lens. It always helps to add a filter. Bringing out all of the different, vibrant colors I see in real life helps all my pals see the world through my button eyes better. Remember you too can paint with all the colors of the wind!

4.) Find the FUN by taking pictures of things you enjoy! This is the most important part. Do you love eating pretty food? Does your pet do that adorable thing? Do you love collecting flowers or traveling to new places? How about creating art or spending time with friends? I have found that my best photos happen not because of things other people suggest (no offense to the many infamous “walls of Disney”), but because of what I like and when I am happiest! It all starts by asking yourself, “What is something I see that I would really like to show other people?”. If you really like it, so will your followers!


And really, that’s all there is to it! Photography has changed so much in the 13 years I’ve been posing in front of a camera, and it is a ton of fun to experiment with new ways of capturing my many adventures. I keep learning more tips and tricks of bear modeling and finding out just how a teddy bear like myself fits into this crazy, aesthetically-pleasing online world. But now, it’s YOUR turn! Take these tricks and photograph something new. Or get in front of the camera and show off your Snow Bear side! Comment below what works for you and what doesn’t. While you’re at it, make sure to tag me in all of your photos so I can see! Get the picture?




Pssst! See my expert modeling and photography skills on Instagram!

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