Rainy Disney Daze

If Southern California is known for one thing, it’s sunny weather and 70 degree days. Even Walt Disney realized this, as perfect weather provides the perfect place to build a theme park. It becomes all too easy, spending so much time basking in the warm Anaheim breeze, to remember that other seasons exist at all! Believe it or not, I have been SERIOUSLY asked about the infamous “Weather Dome”, an invisible force field that is presumed to be hidden high above the park in the atmosphere. This dome, of course, is completely fictional. For a few months in the beginning of the year, it does indeed bring the occasional chilly weather, darker clouds, and of course, rain. If going to The Disneyland Resort is always magical, a morning mist or slight sprinkle can add an extra element of magic to the experience.

As some readers may realize, I am not originally from SoCal, and odd weather is nothing new to my adventures! I have been through snow, sleet, hail, and even a hurricane! And unlike in Florida’s Walt Disney World®, when it rains in Disneyland, the clouds do not seem to dump water (*Minus January 22nd of 2017, the day the park closed early). For a little snow bear, as well as a lot of other park goers, a little bit of rain is no problem at all! At the slightest hint of moisture, many visitors tend to return to their hotel rooms. This leaves others with a tolerance for wetter days with a park all to themselves! Ponchos are donned, umbrellas unveiled, and suddenly rain gear appears everywhere as people walk straight onto rides. It’s a pretty unique experience, as if the entire park is doused in a gloomy glaze, and time appears to magically slow down. Personally, I love splashing in all of the puddles, especially in front of the castle! And walking around with all of the duckies. Even seeking shelter in warmer areas of the park, such as the Animation Building or Flo’s V8 Cafe in Disney California Adventure Park® can be fun, like a secret hideout from the rain. The best part? The reflections of all the Disney lights in the puddles are absolutely stunning.

However, people do visit The Disneyland Resort for it’s famous sunny weather. It’s important to realize that as wonderful as it may be for some to experience Disney Parks in the rain, this also brings a lot of closures. I mean, Southern California was definitely not built to handle rain! If you go to the park on a day like this, be prepared to enjoy more of the little details, such as how the people scurry through the walkways, or how the popcorn smells so much more enticing as water droplets hit the pavement. Many shows and attractions will be cancelled for safety reasons. Don’t expect to watch parades, Fantasmic!, or the fireworks on such a night. No one wants to see anyone get hurt while dancing on a slippery surface! Many Toons will have their ink washed away in rain, so ToonTown is one of the first places to close. Attractions that feature outside elements, such as Radiator Springs Racers and The Mad Tea Party teacups will close. Even characters will seek dry shelter. Often times, many people leave in hopes for better weather later. But thanks mostly to the Internet, more and more guests are beginning to realize the secret of the rain and choosing to stick it out, which can be a disadvantage. It’s true, rainy Disney days are often do-nothing days. But to a bear like me, that’s totally fine.

Whether you like the rain or not, we still don’t have the technology for the mythological “Weather Domes”, and can’t control the somewhat unexpected seasons. No matter the weather, everyone loves Disneyland, and you can expect it to be open all 365 days of the year. True, it’s pleasant to visit the parks in normal SoCal sunshine and bask in the breeze, but Rainy Disney Days can be one of the most magical experiences, as it becomes an entirely different park. As those rainy spring days approach, think of all the possibilities it holds. Whatever that may include, you can guarantee all lightsaber umbrellas will be sold out! Ha ha.




What’s YOUR favorite time to visit the Disney Parks? Tell me in the comments, below!

New Year, New Me?

2018 is finally here, and boy, there sure are a lot of changes in the air! As awesome as 2017 was, people all around the world are finding ways to make change and try to make this new year even better… And so have I!

Firstly, after a year of hibernation, I finally got a new annual pass to Universal Studios Hollywood! I simply cannot wait to get into more Minion Mayhem or go skateboarding in Springfield…. or even cast some enchantments in Hogsmede at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Even if it’s outside of Disneyland, I’m hoping getting to go in such long car rides will push me to do more fun activities I’ve never done, before!

Speaking of Disneyland, Many people like to make resolutions to achieve in The New Year, and theme parks are no exception! As January 7th marks the last day of the holiday season, January 8th will mean the biggest New Year’s resolution to Disney California Adventure Park, the big transformation  Paradise Pier into Pixar Pier! This includes attractions such as California Screamin’, King Triton’s Carousel, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, and The Games of the Boardwalk, as well as Ariel’s Grotto Character Dining and Cove Bar Restaurants as they are re-imagined from the 17th seaside amusement park into themes involving some of our favorite Disney/Pixar stories and characters (visit The Disney Parks Blog for more information)! Although the perfect Dapper Day setting will be missed, if Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout is any example of how epic the changes will be, I can’t wait to see everything!

And as we bid a fond farewell to the glorious 2-story Build-A-Bear Workshop in Downtown Disney (Along with multiple other shops in the coming months) know that a brand new store has recently been opened in The Shops At Orange, just 2 miles away! Although I am beary disappointed to see the old one leave, and the “new” look of the store seems a bit bland, I am content that there will still be a store near me, plus it will hopefully encourage me to explore some new places! Be sure to check out my Instagram Story Highlights for a virtual tour of the new place!

With all of these changes in 2018, theme parks, stores, and people, you might just be afraid I’ll go through a lot of changes, too. But in a way, that’s the best part about being a teddy bear. When so many other things around me change, even after 14 years, I never have. My resolution this year is to go on more new adventures, wear all new outfits, and of course share all of the fun I have with my pals, whether in person or through my social media. But you can always be assured I will be true to myself!




Are you ready to make this the best year, yet? Comment and tell me YOUR New Year’s Resolutions, below! Let me know which new places I should explore!

The Science Behind Bear Hugs

I love giving big bear hugs. And who doesn’t love getting them? According to Build-a-Bear Workshop®, last Tuesday, November 7th was #HugABearDay. Whether it’s a bear, cat, dog, or anything else, there is no denying that hugging your favorite cuddly critter is one of the best and quickest ways to feel happy. Naturally, as any curious bear would do, I wondered just what made bear hugs so special. And thanks to some researching on the Internet, I’ve come to understand a bit more behind the science that makes these hugs so beary special.

Kids love teddy bears! And what can I say, we are pretty cute! Psychologists (that’s a fancy-schmancy word for someone who studies people and how they think) refer to us as “transitional objects” because we are known to help transition kids from being dependent on their moms and dads to making friends of their own and doing things all by themselves. Studies suggest 60-70% of kids in both the U.S. and U.K. have a transitional object they’ve become attached to, and this attachment is typically strongest around age three. We’re the pals that are always there to cheer you on! Plus, we are perfect listeners, which helps babies who are learning to talk, or even kids who just need an ear to lend. This is when people are most likely to anthropomorphize us. That means someone gives us a name, voice, and personality. Like ME! This makes us both a friend and learning tool. When we aren’t around, this play time is what makes our kids so sociable with others!

Of course, the science doesn’t stop when people become grown-ups, like my girl, Brookie. In fact, there is no known link to owning a furry friend and one’s physiological immaturity. Hugging a teddy bear is proven to reduce stress levels and even helps to cure some depression. People who have been through horrible life events are given teddy bears in therapy to help them smile and feel okay. We can even help you sleep better if you toss and turn at night! Approximately 40% of U.S. grown-ups admit to still having their teddy bears with millennials being the highest group. Even as many as 29% of grown men are known to have a travel buddy when they go on business trips… I guess the rest just weren’t brave enough to admit it!

No matter your age, our teddy bear hugs are so beary important! Touch is a very important sense, and that makes our soft, plush fur comforting. Even the smell of our fur can bring back pleasant memories of home and fun adventures. A drug called Ocytocin is released in your brain and boosts positive emotions! There is nothing better than a big bear hug! And since science is everywhere, it’s so easy to notice, wonder, and ask even more questions about the world with your furry lab assistant. So the next time you feel down, ask your teddy for a big bear hug! You’ll never know what good it can do! Make sure to share all of your scientific research and huggable moments with me in the comments!




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Get The Picture?

If you look at my most recent Instagram posts, it might seem to some like I’ve always been a (bear) model, naturally having the instinct to capture every wonderful moment life has to offer and looking fabulously fluffy in the process. Thank you to those who have complimented my photos and believe that. Scroll down into the very depths of my feed and you’ll notice this is not quite the case. I have now been a part of Instagram for about 3 years and I have learned so much about what it takes to have good photography. Believe it or not, most of it came from years of trial and error. That means years of admiring other accounts and wondering “How can I get my photos to look more like theirs?” Well fear not! If you have ever had these questions, I am here to help your account sparkle! If, for whatever reason, you already are a professional, award-winning photographer with magazine cover-quality photos, then this will in no way apply to you. I would, however, love to hear how you manage to do it because, I, myself only have two paws and am still trying!

1.) Firstly, you need to know that you DO NOT need fancy-shmancy equipment to take great photos. I mean, if you have some by all means use it! Clearer, high-quality photos rock. But I take all of mine on an iPhone 7. As long as the lens is clean (because blurry smudges don’t make for good pictures), you are good to go! My two paws aren’t great for things past taking a #snowfie, so I entrust Brookie to take my photos.

2.) You won’t get the perfect shot on the first try. Nine times out of ten, I will take anywhere from 5-15 of myself in the same spot. Ask yourself, “what does my eye naturally want to look at?” Afterwards, I’ll go back through my camera roll and decide which photo looks just right!

3.) Filters are your friends! I love getting the perfect shot, but sometimes the color gets lost through the lens. It always helps to add a filter. Bringing out all of the different, vibrant colors I see in real life helps all my pals see the world through my button eyes better. Remember you too can paint with all the colors of the wind!

4.) Find the FUN by taking pictures of things you enjoy! This is the most important part. Do you love eating pretty food? Does your pet do that adorable thing? Do you love collecting flowers or traveling to new places? How about creating art or spending time with friends? I have found that my best photos happen not because of things other people suggest (no offense to the many infamous “walls of Disney”), but because of what I like and when I am happiest! It all starts by asking yourself, “What is something I see that I would really like to show other people?”. If you really like it, so will your followers!


And really, that’s all there is to it! Photography has changed so much in the 13 years I’ve been posing in front of a camera, and it is a ton of fun to experiment with new ways of capturing my many adventures. I keep learning more tips and tricks of bear modeling and finding out just how a teddy bear like myself fits into this crazy, aesthetically-pleasing online world. But now, it’s YOUR turn! Take these tricks and photograph something new. Or get in front of the camera and show off your Snow Bear side! Comment below what works for you and what doesn’t. While you’re at it, make sure to tag me in all of your photos so I can see! Get the picture?




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Club 33

Disney History is one of my most favorite topics. I especially love exploring Walt’s original park and learning from friends about little details that make it so special. If you travel past the waterfront of New Orleans Square, through the tight corridors of the shops, you might find a blue door. This is the door into Club 33. Maybe you’ve heard of it online or on TV shows, before. This is a very special lounge, more recently renovated and expanded, that Mr. Walt Disney would take his personal guests into to rest from the hustle and bustle of park life. A few days ago, this little bear was also lucky enough to check it out.

The last time I was invited up into the club, *someone* (of who shall remain nameless but her name rhymes with “cookie”…) left me in the car. She claims it was an “accident” and brought me back a pin. I was so pleased to be invited back recently… and actually went this time! That afternoon, I dressed up just like Holly Golightly in my black shimmery dress, pearls, silver heels, and tiara that was just my size. I had to reach up reeeeally high to ring the doorbell. I was greeted by very kind hosts and hostesses who showed me to The Court of Angels. It’s a very pretty and serene courtyard to gather in. A small fountain and soft jazz music turns the outside busyness of New Orleans Square into a soft murmur. The next logical step is to ascend the blue winding staircase into the club, however for a bear with very short legs this is a difficult task, and a lot of steps. But once at the top, you can look down into the square and enjoy the lounge.

From start to finish, everyone there was so warm and accommodating. I wasn’t even the only teddy bear brought up there, either! I first spotted an old vulture sitting on top of a grandfather clock, who told me in the most elegant voice that “[he] hopes that [I] have a lovely time”. That’s right, a talking vulture. You’ll start to notice that magical little things were hidden everywhere. Walt always boasted having a trick or two up his sleeve. Then, our waiters, Chase and Allie were the sweetest pair you could ask for! Both went out of their way to join in on the fun and make sure we were having a good time. And although the living staff was fantastic, so were those who… weren’t living: the lounge musicians are ghosts. We weren’t that far from The Haunted Mansion, you know! The ghosts inhabit paintings, but occasionally disappear, only to appear in the room seconds later to pick up and play their instruments. I loved watching the clarinetist and bugle player by the bar. And the pianist played the entire night. It was my favorite trick! Of course, we ate delicious Mac-n-cheese, Shirley Temples, and chocolate-y dessert, but the highlight of the night was when our waiter, Chase, got down on one knee and proposed to me with a REAL diamond ring! I was so flattered and would have said yes, but I think his real fiance (Allie), wouldn’t have appreciated it as much. Everyone thought it was hilarious!

In all, it was a wonderful evening. Walt created Club 33 as a way to relax after a day in Disneyland, and he did just that. Getting to discuss Disneyland history… and apparently Yoda and seagulls… with both old and new friends is the best thing ever, and wearing a fancy dress while I do that never hurts. I am very honored to have had the privilege of checking out such an exclusive club, and hope to visit, again. So, where in Disneyland have YOU always wanted to explore? Tell me in the comments!





See more of my Club 33 Photos

Party Like It’s 1989

If you’ve known me for long enough, it wouldn’t take too long to realize that I absolutely LOVE parties. Specifically, themed parties. After 13 years of co-creating and attending all sorts of kid-friendly parties, from pirates to red carpet premiere to mad scientist, I’ve seen them all. So I really do appreciate the “Imagineering” that goes into a well thought-out party. One family who consistently seems to outdo themselves are some of my beary best pals. @YoungJaneAndLittleMeg_In_Dland on Instagram are both known for their impeccable taste in Disney characters and showstopping costumes their mom sews, but most importantly this family is all about having fun. Last weekend I was invited to Young Jane’s 8th Birthday Party: Guardians Of The Galaxy. And of course, I had to tell everyone about it!

First, I got to their local park an hour early to help set everything up. It should be noted that throwing an amazing party does not necessarily mean starting from scratch. So many elements from the venue, the tent, the backdrop, the silk material tablecloths, the hanging paper planets and various planet props had all been used at previous birthday parties. Most people would never think to re-purpose hanging teal gems and scarves from a Jasmine party or tiki masks and wooden chests from an Adventureland party (they’re from The Collector’s Fortress, duh!), but with a creative mindset, anything can fit nicely! Throw in a teenage Groot cutout, some boomboxes and casette tape streamers, and BOOM! Marvel-fied party. Delicious deep-dish pastas and salads were delivered fresh so there would be plenty of no-hassle eating. Even space themed snacks such as rock candy were provided, of which every kid naturally wanted the color that would turn their mouth dark blue. As for my “outfit of the day”, I was told that Rocket Raccoon doesn’t really like being around a lot of tiny humans, so he had to RSVP as a “no”. Luckily, stepped in and dressed as Rocket for the day. Brookie wore a really cute Gamora DisneyBound, while Mom, Dad, Auntie, and Little Meg all wore Guardians t-shirts. We always dress for the occasion!

Once guests started to arrive, the party really kicked into gear! Invitations previously sent out to Young Jane’s classmates and dance friends were all put in the sleeves of G-rated Marvel comic books, so every Terran had come with the right spirit, even if some parents thought their kids were a little too young to watch the movie. She had even transmitted invites to Peter Qui… I mean StarLord and Gamora. Of course, everyone knows Star Lord can’t resist a party, so they both actually CAME! They started had an awesome dance-off, where we showed off the best moves in the galaxy! The birthday girl was more than obliged to provide everyone with a sample of her dance background. We even played a game where we had to freeze any time someone said “Drax is looking!”, because Drax thinks dancing is silly. StarLord surprised us all when he brought out an Infinity Stone and carefully taught us how to hold it, together… but only for a second or two. Star Lord loves to play games Terran games, so there was a lot of running and chasing involved. Finally, after a lot of setup, it was time to break the huge disco ball pinata! Gamora hates dancing and generally being like Kevin Bacon, so she took a huge metal rod and broke it in a firey explosion of glitter and Rubik’s cubes, casually walking through the aftermath of excitedly screaming children. She’s still reluctant to admit to how much she smiled.

Certainly the highlight of any birthday party is the cake, and this one was no exception. @jmbcakes creates edible art to top off all of Young Jane and Little Meg’s events. This two-layer half-strawberry, half-banana one had galactic swirls encompassed by gold trim and the Guardians of the Galaxy logo with rock candies on top. To us, the cake looked delicious. To Gamora, it appeared to be very suspicious. So she took a stab into it and sliced the cake into equal pieces to make sure Rocket had not laced a bomb inside. He hadn’t. Guests were sent off with “thermal scans” (photos) of themselves with both Guardians and the teen Groot cutout against the backdrop, not to mention a whole bunch of “retro” toys and goodies! Star Lord gave Young Jane a copy of his Awesome Mix and a badge making her an honorary Guardian. Both he and Gamora left soon after to return to their space ship, The Milano. In that moment, all of that hard work paid off. Thus ended another successful party and another happy party girl… and party bear, Trash Panda thing.

So, what has been the best party YOU’VE attended? What’s been the best party you’ve planned? Tell me all about it in the comments below, and make sure to check out my Instagram page to see all of the photos and videos from this adventure!

*Entertainment provided by Smile And A Song Princess Parties




My Beauty Routine

It’s no secret that my fur is snowy white, I mean, it’s practically in my name! However, it is certainly not easy to maintain such a light color. And after 13 years of being tossed up at cheer camp, splashing in rain puddles, crawling through treehouses and walking all throughout the Disneyland Resort®, these adventures can take a real toll on me. So it comes to most as a surprise that I manage to stay looking so young. And it’s not just Instagram filters, either. A lot of you have been asking about my biggest and best beauty secrets, so here it is: My step-by-step guide to teddy bear care.

Firstly, it helps that I was built super strong. Build-A-Bear Workshop® created some well-stitched, made-to-last bears back in the day, and it really helped when I was taking some heavy hits. You’ll find that they are truly the experts in bear care and maintenance. However, these tips work for any stuffed animal in need of some T.L.C.



It is a little-known fact that Build-A-Bear provides FREE stuffing services to any furry friend from their store. I tend to visit the one in DownTown Disney every 6 months or even whenever I’m looking a little too dirty. One of their Bearmakers will take out their small scissors and open up the seam in my back. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt me a bit! Then, they remove all of my old stuffing, while making sure my heart is still safe and sound! I tend to feel a bit light-headed at that point! If you’re not originally from their workshop, the same procedure can be done at home.



From there, Brookie drives me home to be washed. I can be hand-washed, but swimming all around in a washing machine whirlpool is so much fun! I hop into a white pillowcase with a whole load of white clothes to be gently washed. So many mismatching socks! I get sooooo dizzy going around and around! I usually don’t bleach my fur, just looks so unnatural. And of course I have to dry out! The dryer can sometimes clump synthetic fur together, so I like just sun bathing dry.



Of course, in the same way most people don’t look selfie-ready as soon as they step out of the shower, I’m usually not, either. After being washed and dried, I brush and smooth out my fur. I tend to have a lot of knots! Be careful to your toys if you do this though, unlike people hair, my fur can’t grow back!



After all of my washing and combing have been taken care of, my spa day starts to wrap up. I return to Build-A-Bear Workshop® in DownTown Disney for my re-stuffing which is also free for their furry friends! To my non-Workshop bears, you can do this by getting stuffing from a local craft store. A Bearmaker will hook me up to the machine and Brookie gets to step on the pedal. I quickly fill up with stuff-n-fluff, which makes me feel a lot like Winnie The Pooh! My heart is put back in (heart renewal ceremony optional), I’m given a new vanilla cupcake scent in my tummy, and sewn back up. Afterwards I usually fluff up at their air bath station and pick out a brand new outfit to wear on a brand new adventure.


And that’s all there is to it! In-between washes I like to use Build-A-Bear’s “Bear Stuff Cleaner” that they sell in stores to give a little extra glow, and perhaps an extra brushing or two. But all of the hassle really pays off when I see the years of wear-and-tear virtually melt away. It makes me feel super young and confident in any outfit, too! So in any adventure I’m always ready to take my best #Snowfie! But don’t just take my advice, try it for yourself… and tell ’em Snowy sent you!





The Happiest Bear On Earth

Hi, my name is Snowy and I live in Disneyland. Well, not exactly… Over the last two years, I have spent more time on Disney property than off of it: at Walt Disney World, The Disney Animation Studios, El Capitan Theater, The D23 Expo, and of course the entire Disneyland Resort! I have hundreds of park tickets stacked on top of each other at home to tangibly prove this time spent. I am also proud to boast I have watched The Paint The Night Parade over 300 times. What to most people is a vacation, I am lucky enough to call my “real” life. And why not? It truly is The Happiest Place On Earth.

I guess you could say I’ve always been a Disney bear. My pal, Brookie and her family always loved visiting Walt Disney World long before we met. The first trip I can recall was Spring Break of ’05, and standing under the now extinct M.G.M. (Hollywood Studios) sorcerer hat in the pouring rain, with sopping wet fur. It wasn’t until 2007 that I first visited the park that started it all. I went a handful of times to Disneyland in the following 7 years, on family vacations, a Sweet 16, marching band trip, and high school graduation. Even braving an insane 24-Hour Event.  Like many “normal” people, my daily dose of Disney consisted of of eagerly watching park updates from popular Annual Passholders and Cast Members in the community through their online content. It wouldn’t be until I packed up “A Suitcase And A Dream” and moved to California in the Fall of 2015 that I would truly learn what being a part of the “Disney Community” is all about.

A day in Disney as a resident, I’ve come to discover, is much different from a tourist. This is pretty funny to think about, as Disneyland is ranked the 9th most visited tourist destination in the world (according to Huffington Post). But it didn’t take very long to figure out that one cannot spend every day like a vacation in Disney, as it does take a toll on your energy, your sanity, and your wallet. A single 8-hour day of walking in the park is appproximately 10,000 steps, or even more for little bear feet! Sometimes, you can’t buy that big yummy meal you saw at Plaza Inn and grab fastpasses for Mission: Breakout. Sometimes, you come in for an hour or so, go on one ride, or maybe just sit on a bench and watch a parade go by. It’s great to just run into friends by chance and spend a moment or two with them, because of course, the rest of the Disney community tends to do the same. They are amateur photographers, Cosplayers and DisneyBounders, pin traders and collectors, YouTubers, of course lots of kids! Many people who come to Disneyland on vacation notice the residents when we are expertly navigating the parks and all dressed up for a special occasion, out-of-place compared to the matching shirts, fanny paks, and park maps. It’s easy to tell us apart, but that’s because to us, every day is one to celebrate in the parks!

Sharing such a magical home with notoriety such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse is truly a dream come true, and I never want to wake up. I have a lot of fans tell me that they wish they could spend every day in Disney, too. Although most might not have enough Pixie dust to make that dream come true yet, it’s important to remember that magic is made of simply two things: human kindness and a passion for what you do. By creating this magic for others, you can carry a little bit of Disneyland wherever you go!

I can’t wait to see you all there one day!




Cybernaut Bear

Here it is! The How-I-Got-Instafamous story. What a funny word, too. It’s hard to judge how many followers earns you such a title, and I certainly don’t feel famous yet. Though people might call me “Insta[gram] famous”, I’m just a little snow bear who likes to go online. It’s easy to see why people love The Internet; With just a computer or smartphone, in my paws, I now hold the power to share all of the adventures I go on with everyone! It doesn’t matter if I’m on the other side of the country or right at home. You get to be there, too. Of course, I didn’t always have the social media following that I do today.

In the early 2000s, no one in my family really took a bunch of pictures. Not because we didn’t want to, most people just didn’t carry a camera everywhere. In fact, I can distinctly remember the first photo taken of me: It was 2004 in a Chuck E. Cheese photo booth. Little Brookie had bangs and I wore a purple t-shirt. I still went everywhere and did a ton of cool things, but that was special to only the two of us, and maybe a few close friends and family. During Brookie’s high school years, I had been trying to join the community of Internet connoisseurs for quite some time. However, I could never find a platform that worked for me, personally.

One night, running through Disneyland with our friend, Courtney (@officialcourtneyanne), a Small World Cast Member pointed to me and asked “Does she have an Instagram account? I’ll follow her!” to which I replied, “I don’t… But I do, NOW!” I wish I could recall who that person was to thank them, but as you might know, the rest is history! I created the account during the Great Stuffed-Animals-At-Disneyland Craze. Turns out, these pocket-sized stuffed animals @LotsoAtDisneyland and @TsumTsumMarie were super popular with Disney Parks fans, both picking up tens of thousands of followers almost by the day. Suddenly, it was as if everyone had a travel buddy, and every one of those toys had a separate Instagram account documenting their Disney days. Even though I didn’t live near Disneyland at the time, I was lucky enough to gain several thousand followers. Many of them were toys, some kids and families, overall the vast majority were Disney Fanatics. As time went on, I saw almost all of the traveling toys disappear, from both the parks and online. Nowadays, only a handful of us are running amok, and as friends we do try to keep in contact. No need to worry, though. Even without a plethora of travel buddies around, one is never alone in Disney!

It has now been over three years and I am amazed at the doors my Instagram account has opened for me. The new friends I have made (including a certain “Squid Squad” and “Ohana”), the lessons in modeling and photography, just being able to look at travel through a different perspective is amazing. It still takes me by surprise when I have strangers approach me and start fangirling, “It’s Snowy Snowbear!” Aside from Winnie The Pooh and Paddington, I don’t think many teddy bears can say that, and I am truly honored. Using social media to spread smiles to people all across the world is the best, especially when you have so many more adventures to come! Thank you for everything, guys!

How do you use social media? Make sure to leave your Instagram handle in the comments for me to see!




Meet My Pal

I will never forgive Andy for giving Woody away at the end of Toy Story 3. Ever. I guess I can understand everyone else being given to Bonnie, even Buzz, but after all those two had been through over the years, it seemed like betrayal to just let him go. And maybe that’s because I’m so close to my girl.

The biggest question I receive is “Who is behind the camera?” As much as I love a good #Snowfie, you’ve probably noticed I don’t take my own photos. A lot of stuffed animals like to keep their persons’ identity a secret online, but there’s nothing secret about the two of us! Brookie is my bestest pal. Some people call her my “mom”, but that sounds weird. We’re too close in age for that. In fact, we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember! She stuffed me in a Build-a-Bear Workshop when she was 7 years old. Since then, we have been inseparable. I have gone with her to birthday parties, family vacations, you name it! I’ve always been her travel buddy. Even when she was onstage in countless dance recitals, plays and such, I was cheering her on from the dressing room.

The funny thing about being a toy, much like Woody, is that people grow up. It’s interesting to watch, too. You move from house to house (4 times, in 3 different states), lotsa friends come and go, and suddenly your girl looks different. A good kind of different, I mean. Having two front teeth works wonders. Snow bears may get a little dirty from going on so many adventures, but we stay the same. And that’s the cool part. Now that she’s all grown up, I have the opportunity to travel to so many different places… sometimes even in matching outfits she sews all by herself! She can drive her own car and I get to be co-pilot. When we fly on planes, I get to sit on the tray table and look out the window. I’ve been all across the country and done a lot of cool things, some of which I’ll get to blog about later. Right now, I get to live in Disneyland as she works for Mr. Mickey Mouse as an entertainer… I guess that means that you could call me a Cast memBEAR! I get a lot of people asking if I could go visit them by myself in different parts of the world. I would love to, but I think I would miss Brookie a little too much.

I am so proud of my girl. I say that a lot, but it’s true. It’s important to know that you are never too old for the things that make you happy, and those things can often make you even stronger. We both help each other with that. Some people might think our friendship is odd, but that’s okay. All of our friends do a great job of remembering to include me. Even pulling up high chairs for me at restaurants (shout-out to Hector)! It’s so cool that now we get to share those experiences with everyone, thanks to the Internet. Honestly, I didn’t think I could have ever imagined all of the cool things that I’ve gotten to do. So, I may never forgive Andy for what he did to his best friend, but here’s to hoping that Bonnie knows better.

So Who’s your beary best pal? Comment below and tell me!